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Only Communists Can Stop Pollution And Save This Planet

Posted by sorev on 07/09/2009

This piece was taken from a pamphlet entitled Class Analysis for Canada published by Towards Communism some time in the early 1980’s.

Since the industrial revolution and the introduction of capitalism, pollution has become endemic. Incidental pollution has been with us for a long time, but endemic, massive, and critical pollution has a mere 200 year history. In the two hundred years that capitalism has ruled the roust we have trashed this planet.

Capitalism is driven to produce. There must be production next year, and the year after, etc. . This imperative binds not only the owners and management of Ford Motor Company inter alia, but also the employees. Everyone is committed to cars that break down. There will be hell to pay of the work runs out. In a society based upon exchange value and driven by the needs of capital we must continue to produce, and indeed, to step up production.

Without exchange value production would be based upon use value. Aesthetics, want and need are all included here. You perform your personal and your familyu chores. You do not require that these constantly take up your time. When chorse are done you have free disposable time. With production based upon use value, commodities (cars, appliances, etc.) that lasted forever would not be a threat to society.

(Incidentally with virtually everyone involved in creating, making, and delivering the goods and services we need, want and desire and with no bean counters, supervisory, financial, exploitative or other employment based upon exchange; and with products made to last, the amount of work per person would decrease dramatically. All this with a dramatic rise in quality of life and living standard. This is possible only in the free communist society. Think about it.)

With the burden of constant production removed and with a sane population policy we can save this planet. NOTHING ELSE CAN. The longer we wait the harder it will be to recover from that ecological disaster called capitalism. Join us now. Only when Communists are in a majority can this planet be saved.


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