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Our Tasks

Posted by sorev on 14/01/2010

Our Tasks:

Since we are only a handful our actions are determined largely by our weakness.  This does not stop us from considering what we should be doing had we the power.  The big, overwhelming, long term plan is to establish the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.  This should be kept in mind for it is possible to get off track even at this early stage.  In fact we are way off track.  Of course, we aren’t large enough to be properly democratic.  Also we are seized with romantic visions of what it is to be left wing and what left wing politics are and what left wingers do.  It’s all crap.  And perfectly normal because it’s the only thing we know, it is compatible with liberalism and it’s encouraged by the powers that be ‘cus it’s all so dead end.

Before going any further, it’s worth giving my usual caveats.  Numbers are approximate and are there to give a sense of magnitude.  Thus 100 is ten times more than 12 or worded differently, 100 is more than 80 and less than 130.  Likewise 12 is more than 9 and less than 15.  More or less.  Also, laying down the path of the way to go does not mean a unity of theory and practice.  God forbid.  I have lived through that madness.  It is obvious that the student movement is not where it is at.  We should quit school, get jobs and actualise the Party in bowling leagues and pubs.  Of course the preceding sentence is correct.  However to force members to unify their practice around that theory, although it is a correct theory, is madness.  When the Party in question has a couple hundred members, the appreciation of the line – drink beer and go bowling with the people – will result in a dozen or so members quitting school and digging into a working class life style.

Currently there are eight people on the Party mailing list, two from South Western Ontario and six from the Ottawa area.  There are four more people close to the Party, thus we can expect around 8 at the Assembly in January.  One mobilisation a year should be possible.  Each successive mobilisation will draw fewer people and indeed might even cause this one mobilisation to draw fewer people, thus mobilisations should be rationed out with care.  We should be able to grow by one-third in a year, thus there should be three of us in SWO and eight in the Ottawa area by January 2011.  However, seeing as there are four people already nearby, there might be as many as nine Party members in the Ottawa area.  Nine members in one place is the jumping off place to actual existence.

Actual Existence:

As noted at the outset, our main task is to establish the D. of P.  (‘though cowards flinch and traitors sneer).  The D. of P. is of ultimate importance. (More will be said about the D. of P. in another place.)  The fact that we are headed that way, the road Towards Communism, behoves us to make today’s tasks and life-styles conform with that goal for the road and the destination are one.  We are not aiming for the Dictatorship of one guy.  Nor of some sub-committee, committee, bureau or Party.  No!!! We are aiming at the dictatorship by the working class.  This is not a metaphysical formulation.  This is a material description.  Therefore we should have a way for everyone in the class to exercise his/her control in the process.  It is best to get these political habits into our process as early as possible.  Building non-democratic structures is opportunism: that is there appears to be an opportunity for personal advancement or to get something done.  Therefore democracy is surrendered to populism or crony-ism.  When did the Soviet Union go Revisionist?  1895?  When did the D of P become an empty slogan?  Thus our most important internal task is to establish and maintain democracy.  Although a non-democratic, populist road flows more naturally and seems to be easier to follow, good people are going to feel left out and will be alienated from the Party.  Further by the third generation after the revolution the worst people in society will be in charge.  Communism will be unreachable.  Establishing and maintaining a democratic and lively inner Party life is crucial.

The burden of producing the journal falls too heavily upon one person.  He is a hero.  Any criticism must be accompanied by much praise.  With only eight members it makes sense that there are only two activists, both of whom are in Ottawa.  This is good.  One must concentrate one’s forces so that a critical mass is reached which can morph qualitatively into a force large enough to affect reality thus giving Party members everywhere a concrete application of line and force (power) that can be referenced for propaganda purposes.

It could be that we should think in terms of a quarterly journal for 2010.  It should be accompanied by a certain amount of cheering and other enthusiastic noise internally inside the Party in an effort to widen the creative participation rate.  The journal is first and foremost an organising tool.  Of course most of the papers given away will be wasted.  Such is life.  No more than four times as many copies as we have members should be printed.  Most of those will be wasted.  Each copy going to a member is not wasted.  Two or three members will know someone who REALLY should have a copy.  It might even to safe to say that 12 copies of the journal have homes to go to.  Because we are at such a small and intimate stage we actually know the three or four people for whom the journal is being printed.  Some effort should go into pleasing those people – after all Party building is the name of the game.  There are mountains of undirected information out there that we have access to but currently Social Revolution! is our only publication and therefore serves all of our publishing needs.  However, Party building is our most important task at present.  No one except ourselves is going to put energy into building SR.

Now, of course, a word has to be said about displaying one’s colours and in that way being able to make contact with someone who was just waiting for us to come along.  This will happen and this is good.  This fact, and it is a fact, should not distract us from planned and systematic growth based upon solid base building.

Our short-term goal, that is over the next ten years, in party building is to get a proto-soviet type organisation up and running.  By proto-soviet is meant a mass based democratic organisation that can be the new state.

The Retreats are Over:
The Movement has been in retreat since the early 1970’s.  Thus the Movement has grown accustomed to protesting government or corporate action.  Yes protests are required.  Don’t worry we won’t have a unity of action around our line.  However we should at least have some inkling of a strategy based upon fighting to win rather than merely losing slower – e.g. not “Drop Fees” but “Build the Red University”.  We need to create our own media, our own education system, our own industrial infrastructure, our own food and clothing delivery systems, etc.  From the ground up.  And of course our own state.  This will happen one small item after one small item.  Nine will get you twenty.  That means a mobilisation of four activists should be possible in a mass organisation within three years and perhaps even one militant.  Do not expect the four activists to be able to concentrate their energies or focus.  Hopefully two activists might be able to co-ordinate forces.  Thus in three years we should be powerful enough to have one person, from time to time, in his/her spare time, put some energy into building the New Jerusalem.  By 2020 Social Revolution should be large enough to be a functioning party with over a hundred members in Ottawa alone and to be buried inside a popular movement of over three hundred members.  At this rate of growth we will be large enough to seize the Power in forty years or so and the Power vacuum should be there for a group organised and resourceful enough to make use of said power vacuum.


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