Social Revolution Party

"Philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways: The point, however, is to change it."

Who Are We?

What is the Social Revolution Party? The Social Revolution Party is a mass-line communist organization. What this means is that the Party is primarily committed to building a Canadian society based on the principles of working class mass-democracy. We are Marxist in our perspective. The Social Revolution Party holds the position that the organisation of a mass-movement, a mass-movement eventually capable of seizing state power, is the primary task for revolutionaries in our current situation. As such, the Social Revolution Party is actively engaged in the creation of the Popular Action Movement.

The distinction between the Party and the mass-movement is not the only contribution that the Social Revolution Party makes special note of. We also put forward the idea of social revolution (it is in our name after all); that is to say, not just a revolution that changes the leadership in a given society but a revolution that strikes right at the heart of the social relations in society in order to change them. The society that we envision is one that is equitable and just for all, not just in the realm of laws, but also in the realm of inter-personal relationships. We have no minimum or maximum demands: our goal is communism. In order to achieve communism, we will need a social revolution.


5 Responses to “Who Are We?”

  1. Old North said

    does this work?

  2. Gypsy Crow said

    Let’s find out!

  3. GK said

    Dear Comrades
    Could you please elaborate your stand about CPC(ML) ? Are you believing in Mao thought or not?
    Comrade G.K

  4. I also would be strongly interested about your stand to the “CPC(ML)” of the former “Internalialist” Hardial Bains and Sandra Smith. I’m interested because I Know their British running dogs from the time they were the “greatest Maoists in Europe”!
    Greetings to all Canadian Maoist comrades!

  5. What practical links exist between the Canadian Co-op Movement and the entire political Left in this country? What kinds of coalitions do you work on to build a powerful mass movement in this part of the world and internationally?

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