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Editorial of the Second Edition

Posted by sorev on 14/01/2010

Social Revolution:

Our name, Social Revolution, draws attention to the fact that classes aren’t (geological) strata but rather classify people according to their relation to production.  Society is a complex of social relationships, oppressive and exploitive to varying degrees, and also fair and on the level, also to varying degrees. Most of our relationships do not qualify as social but are rather personal.  However, throughout the ages, societies have been analysed with regard to the kinds of social relationships people find themselves in especially those dealing with production.  Were there slaves?  How was land held?  How was production distributed?

We find nothing strange about this as we study other societies.  When it comes to our own society, our prevailing liberalism (strongly) suggests that we switch out of this form of analysis. In fact we push it from our minds entirely whilst pretending that we know nothing about it, and analyse our own society from the point of view of consumption, classifying people as lower (poor), middle or upper (rich).  Social relations in our own society, unlike all other societies, are defined by consumption.  The underhanded liberal then notes the obvious – in all societies there have been poor people, middlingly well off, and rich folks: thus all societies have been liberal societies, q.e.d.

Being Reds, our goal is not merely to understand social reality but to eliminate alienation, exploitation and oppression.  Liberal methodology can only address oppression. Even using the most powerful tool in their kit, identity politics, Liberal methodology is hard put to eliminate oppression because it is the handmaiden of exploitation and without overcoming exploitation, something a liberal can’t do because exploitation is build into his concept of the good society, oppression will constantly recreate itself (this being one of the reasons I lose patience with liberals – I can’t believe they are as dumb as they pretend to be).

We, then, are lead to the necessity of Social Revolution, that is people’s relations with the production and distribution of goods and services must be altered in order for oppression, alienation and exploitation to be ended.  A single individual stands in a certain relationship to the forces of production.  For example, I might own the means of production and have other folks work them for me.  These folks are paid from the proceeds of sales of the stuff produced.  I cover my costs, lay away for tomorrow and pocket the difference.  Since I am paying the people who are doing the work they do what a ask them to do or I will replace them with people who will.  The goods (or services) produced are my property.  This being a market economy I may sell my stuff if I so choose.  The people doing the work are thus exploited – money is made off of their work and they are alienated from their work – they control neither their work itself nor the fruit of their labour.  Working people (for that’s what they are) are often oppressed as well.

Because people who work for a living share various things in common they are classified as a class – the working class.  In antiquity many working people were themselves owned by another person and thus were “slaves”. In the feudal period many working people were “tied” to the land and were referred to as “serfs”.  Today working people are “free”.  The solution to today’s system must be different than the solution to a different system.


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